WHISKI wins Whisky Bar of the Year 2011

whisky bar

whiski bar

On Monday 20th June 2011, WHISKI bar on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile was awarded Whisky Bar of the Year at the 2011 DRAM awards, the Oscars of the licensed trade industry.  This is the first time that an Edinburgh bar has won this top accolade and the judges commented that “WHISKI goes to exceptional lengths to promote whisky in Scotland, with over 300 whiskies, whisky cocktails and extremely well trained staff”

WHISKI also opened a new venue called WHISKI Rooms on Sunday 19th June 2011 overlooking the iconic Mound in Edinburgh. WHISKI Rooms is a hybrid venue comprises a specialist whisky shop with a dedicated tasting room that will host daily whisky tastings in summer, a bar and an all day dining bistro serving fresh local Scottish produce.

“We are delighted with the DRAM Whisky Bar of the Year award and feel that again the profile of whisky will be raised with this recognition of Whiski in the capital ofScotland and the launch of our new venue WHISKI Rooms” said owner Gary Still.

whiski bar menu

whiski bar menuwhiski barwhisky barWhiski Bar GantryWhiski Bar GantryWhiski Bar Gantrywhisky bar


Whiski Rooms

Whiski Rooms

It’s been a long time coming but our latest venture will open it’s door for business on Saturday 18th June 2011. Well, whats WHISKI Rooms all about? A bit of hybrid and here’s a brief rundown: –

– a whisky shop with a dedicated tasting room hosting daily whisky tastings

– a bar with ~ 300 whiskies, full range of draughts including Edinburgh’s own Innis & Gunn  on draught, extensive list of  cocktails, full range of premium wines and champagne, premium spirits including many Scottish options, a full range of quality soft drinks.  Come and see our Ardbeg Rooms where you will enter Islay time !

– an all day bistro menu  serving fresh local Scottish produce including freshly made cakes & scones, all made on the premises

So we are almost there and hope to see you once we open.

WHISKI wins GOLD at ICONS of WHISKY AWARDS, 2nd year running

Second year running, we are delighted to have been awarded the highest accolade of GOLD winner of ICONS of GREAT WHISKY BARS of the WORLD from The Whisky Magazine.  Always a great honour to win awards and great for all the staff that work so hard in the WHISKI bar to promote all things that are great about Scotland with whisky being at the very heart of our offer. 

Here is what they had to say about WHISKI.


Whiski wins GOLD Awardwhisky bars of the world

Great Whisky Bars of the World

Great Whisky Bars of the World


At WHISKI we love IRN BRU and always have it available for our customers however the one thing I truly love about them is their adverts ! I remember them from the days of taking the mickey of the Coke adverts to the current Christmas Snowman one and they truly make me laugh out loud. Whoever they employ to make them is simply a genius as they are so funny, quirky and retro..

Here is the latest Snowman one -see for yourself.

Two Filmcrews Better Than One

Today we had two seperate filmcrews in the WHISKI Bar filming – yes, we are so getting used to this now ! First off was The Travel Channel US for a new pilot called the Gambler and yes, WHISKI featuring so cant wait to see this when it airs in the USA.

Second and at the same time was Japanese travel channel filming all about Edinburgh and the Festival – WHISKI a highlight so this will be great for us also.

We have many US and Japanese visitors to the bar and they enjoy trying the whiskies and sampling our fresh Scottsih food, with Haggis always a big temptation.

Long may the filming continue, Chris proudly had his kilt on today so hopefully a few clips of him in there – Chris has been in so many TV programmes about the WHISKI bar he is a minor celebrity now !

McCondoms – Whisky Flavoured Condoms are Back !

McCondoms - whisky flavoured condoms

McCondoms - whisky flavoured condoms


Yes – they are back – McCondoms, whisky flavoured condoms  at the WHISKI bar. When our previous supplier was taken over by PHS, suddenly and without any notice we had PLAIN condoms rather than our notoriuos WHISKY flavoured ones – well, as you can imagine we were highly un-impressed ! Award winning whisky bars need whisky flavoured condoms I say so we have tracked them down and McCondoms are back. We have new condom machines in the toilets now and both are filled with McCondoms – one flavour only – WHISKY.

So if you pay us a visit at the WHISKI bar, give the McCondoms a try or keep them as a reminder of your stay in Edinburgh.

Support Your Local Independent Operator (Bar/Restaurant)

Watching Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares a few days ago and I was so pleased to hear him encourage everyone to support their local independent restaurant and this applies to all bars and restaurants. All he said made sense and he was commenting that big chains turn out the same food all over the country and mostly they are ready-meals and if we don’t support our local operators, our choice will diminish and all we will be left with is massive “same as” chains turning out the “same as” food.

He put a local restaurant against the chain restaurants and asked people on the street which food they preferred – I am sure you can guess they liked the different locally sourced food he had the local establishment prepare. I firmly believe in this policy and think we must support local operators of bars and restaurants and indeed our local corner shops vs the big supermarkets or all choice could disappear from our towns and cities !

Yes, there are massive chains selling 99p pints like Weatherspoon bars and Mitchell & Bulters and Punch operated bars that are similar all over the country but if you visit the WHISKI Bar, we guarantee a unique experience in a great buzzing environment with one of Scotland’s best ranges of whisky and the freshest locally sourced food we can get – we do not use frozen ready made food and our food  is made fresh on the premises by our skilled chefs – we know this is not the normal in most bar/restaurants but our customers are worth it and we strive to give the best … give us a visit we always look forward to meeting new people in the bar.