My No. 1 Recruitment Tip in Hospitality

Having recently returned from holiday in a beautiful resort, I was so impressed with the staff there and  what I saw reinforced our No. 1 priority for hiring staff in our WHISKI hositality business. The resort we were in was all-inclusive and the service was simply the best I have came across – there was full table service around the pool and beach, basically no need to ever leave your sunbed !    Bliss … 

Every few minutes, lovely, cheery and friendly staff were walking round and collecting empty glasses (plastic ones as near the pool) and asking “would you like another drink?” or “can I get you anything else?” As it was an all-inclusive resort they weren’t getting any tips but still seemed to love their job and had very friendly personalities. After a few days they started to remember what we were having and would ask  “do you want another xxx”. Simply Excellent !

About a week into the holiday I noticed a new member of staff and she was not like the others – didn’t smile, looked dour and grumpy, approached to pick up the empty glasses but never once asked if anyone would like anything else. When anyone asked for drinks, she looked so disappointed and just nodded, no smiling, no chat – just a girl who seemed to thoroughly hate her job !  We never saw her again interacting with customers, apparently on speaking to some of the other staff, she was on trial but not recruited. What more can I say – if I can give any advice to anyone in hospitality it is this:


Good staff can be trained, but you can NEVER change a personality.

The personality is so utterly important that it is key to business success, happy, cheerful staff who want to ensure the customers are having a good time are so important in customer facing roles, dont take the risk with an unhappy, grump who couldn’t care less – they will alienate your customers and give your business a bad reputation – there are loads of happy, friendly and charming people out there, hunt them down and get them to work for your business and leave the unfriendly and bitter ones to sit and think it’s not fair, I should have got that job  !