Wednesday Gig = Live Music every night @ WHISKI

We recently added a new gig on Wednesday nights where we alternate between two acts :

Andrew Gordon – Scottish/Celtic folk singer and
The Whistleblowers – Scottish/Irish /Folk band

Andrew Gordon

Andrew Gordon

The Whistleblowers

The Whistleblowers

both of them proving really popular so that takes us up to live Scottish music EVERY NIGHT of the week. Both starting from 9:30 – 10PM so come on down and check them out and see our full events listings here

WHISKI and Ceildh Culture 2010

Ceildh Culture 2010

WHISKI has a full year of Scottish music planned for 2010 and we are avid supporters of Scottish traditional music. This year we hosted the official launch party of Ceildh Culture 2010 and have three regular gigs planned as part of Ceildh Culture, see our full events line up here.

See the Ceildh Culture press release here. 

Here is our list of gigs for 2010.

Monday’s from 9:30PM, Muckle Flugga – traditional Scottish music
(Ceildh Culture gig)

Tuesday’s from 9:30PM, Footstomping traditional Scottish fiddle music
(Ceildh Culture gig)

Thursday’s from 10:00PM, The Gorms playing Scottish/Irish tunes

Friday’s from 10:00PM, Old Dollar Bill kicks off the weekend with the smooth sounds of Scottish Bluegrass/Country sounds

Saturday’s from 10:00PM, FIREFLY keeps the party going with rock, pop and blues

Sunday’s from 9:30PM, Footstomping Old Town Sessions keep the toes tapping with tradtional Scottish music (Ceildh Culture gig)