Nigel Kennedy plays live at WHISKI Bar

NIgel Kennedy at Whiski Bar - 13 Jan 2012

What a night this has been – the worlds best selling violinist Nigel Kennedy sold out the Usher Hall on 12th Jan 2012  as part of his UK tour and tonight he joined our resident band and played live in WHISKI Bar last night 13th Jan 2012!!
His whole entourage of friends and crew came in for a meal and then got a fiddle out and joinedin with our band, The Gorms. Truly electric was the atmosphere in WHISKI last night.

A riot of fiddles is no stranger here as Scottish foot stomping music is our speciality and every night of the week all year round there is lots of toe tapping fabulous bands on here but with Nigel Kennedy playing live with us tonight it was a magic experience for everyone in the bar. Two of his band also played live afterwards making this a Friday to remember. He was a lovely guy and stayed till the very end enjoying the atmosphere and chatting. 

We have the vidoe of Nigel kennedy playing live at WHISKI bar and watch this space and we will upload it later today…

Sorry – our video turn upside down and we are working on sorting it out and weillget it up as soon as we can
but here is another one we found of that night

Wednesday Gig = Live Music every night @ WHISKI

We recently added a new gig on Wednesday nights where we alternate between two acts :

Andrew Gordon – Scottish/Celtic folk singer and
The Whistleblowers – Scottish/Irish /Folk band

Andrew Gordon

Andrew Gordon

The Whistleblowers

The Whistleblowers

both of them proving really popular so that takes us up to live Scottish music EVERY NIGHT of the week. Both starting from 9:30 – 10PM so come on down and check them out and see our full events listings here

WHISKI and Ceildh Culture 2010

Ceildh Culture 2010

WHISKI has a full year of Scottish music planned for 2010 and we are avid supporters of Scottish traditional music. This year we hosted the official launch party of Ceildh Culture 2010 and have three regular gigs planned as part of Ceildh Culture, see our full events line up here.

See the Ceildh Culture press release here. 

Here is our list of gigs for 2010.

Monday’s from 9:30PM, Muckle Flugga – traditional Scottish music
(Ceildh Culture gig)

Tuesday’s from 9:30PM, Footstomping traditional Scottish fiddle music
(Ceildh Culture gig)

Thursday’s from 10:00PM, The Gorms playing Scottish/Irish tunes

Friday’s from 10:00PM, Old Dollar Bill kicks off the weekend with the smooth sounds of Scottish Bluegrass/Country sounds

Saturday’s from 10:00PM, FIREFLY keeps the party going with rock, pop and blues

Sunday’s from 9:30PM, Footstomping Old Town Sessions keep the toes tapping with tradtional Scottish music (Ceildh Culture gig)

Traditional Scottish Music at WHISKI

We truly love the traditional Scottish music sessions in the WHISKI bar and this is one feature that we are committed to continuing. Currently we have traditional Scottish music on every night at WHISKI kicking off at 9:30PM – 10:00PM. The FOOTSTOMPING begins and here is a taste of what to expect – this was from Sunday’s session and we hope you can make it down one night to get the toes tapping !

BARCABEAT FESTIVAL 1 – 31st August 2008

We are hosting the BARCABEAT R&B FESTIVAL during August this year, sponsored by Bulliet Bourbon. The BARCABEAT Festival features NICK JOHNSON & BLUEFINGER. Nick is the face of BLUEFINGER, and we were such big fans of BLUEFINGER when we were students and they are such a well known band with a great loyal following.

They have already played two gigs at the bar and as usual they went down a storm, we are really looking foward to all their gigs this time round as this may be the last chance there is to see BLUEFINGER play live again – why, you may ask? Well,Nick is retiring BLUEFINGER as he lives normally in Spain and all the travelling is getting too much so BLUEFINGER will be no more, we were sad to here this news but wish Nick and Ed all the very best and just glad to have you guys playing at WHISKI and making the place rock, as usual.

Here are all the gigs they will be playing at WHISKI during August and there will be different guests with Nick on many of the nights including other events and promotions such as whisky tastings etc during the whole month of August.

All shows are free and dates and times are below and hope to see you there …