A Boards Banned from Royal Mile

So the Council finally did it – banned completely A boards from the Royal Mile (and Rose Street, I believe) !

OK – to some extent I can understand why they have done this – many retailers cluttering up the pavements wih massive A boards and chalkboards all over the place meaning that people have to zig zag around them and these cause an obvious hazard for pedestrains


what I do object to is that the council has also banned A Boards from the tables and chairs areas that businesses RENT from the council aswell (for vast sums of money I may add). This seems very unfair as these areas have cost alot of money to local businesses and surely if we are not cluttering up the pavements we should have some scope for what we put there!

In effect, removing A boards put on the pavements by businesses who had not PAID for that part of the pavement is one thing – penalising businesses that PAY handsomely for a part of the pavement also is a step too far and I think shows a lack of understanding of the problem – if we rent a part of the pavement and have an A board in that designated part that we PAY for then there surely there never will be any obstruction of the pavement.

Bye bye,  our beautiful cutom made A Boards – we miss you !