Whiski is a beautiful, traditional award winning whisky bar located mid way down Edinburgh’s historic Royal Mile in Scotland. We specialise in freshly prepared Scottish food and as you may expect we are passionate about malt whiskies. We have over 220 single  malt whiskies and ~ 250 whiskies including blends and whisky liquers and  are dedicated to growing our range all the time. This blog is our way to keep you – our valued customers up to date on events and happenings at the bar. My name is Anne and it will most likely be me writing the blog.

WHISKI Bar & Restaurant
119 High Street

Tel No: +44 (0)131 556 3095
Web: www.whiskibar.co.uk

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  1. Hi,

    I am from a German whisky tasting blog.
    Please visit our site, I added you to our blogroll and
    I invite you to visit our German whisky shop, as well:


    If you like it, add us to your blogroll (blog or/and shop).
    Its in German, I know, but you can use google translation
    (roughly said, the blog is about whisky and whisky tasting events in Eastern Germany).

    And who knows, there might be a few of our readers who will drop by at your place on their next visit to Edinburgh.

    Best regards,

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