WHISKI wins GOLD at ICONS of WHISKY AWARDS, 2nd year running

Second year running, we are delighted to have been awarded the highest accolade of GOLD winner of ICONS of GREAT WHISKY BARS of the WORLD from The Whisky Magazine.  Always a great honour to win awards and great for all the staff that work so hard in the WHISKI bar to promote all things that are great about Scotland with whisky being at the very heart of our offer. 

Here is what they had to say about WHISKI.


Whiski wins GOLD Awardwhisky bars of the world

Great Whisky Bars of the World

Great Whisky Bars of the World

World Cup 2010 Football Fixtures @ WHISKI

The World Cup 2010 is fast approaching and we have been preparing – hanging blackout blinds so we can ensure a good view of the massive projector screen at the back  for example. We will be showing every game so dont worry about missing anything – you can  still come to WHISKI and have lunch, dinner anda  few drinks and rest assured the football will be on – not loud mind you, and only in one aprt of the bar so that thsoe who dont want to see it can escape.  See our fixtures here

World Cup Football Fixtures to be shown

Fri, June 11
16:00 South Africa vs Mexico
20:30 Uruguay vs France

Sat, June 12
13:30 Argentina vs Nigeria
16:00 Korea Republic vs Greece
20:30 England vs USA

Sun, June 13
13:30 Algeria vs Slovenia
16:00 Germany vs Australia
20:30 Serbia vs Ghana

Mon, June 14
13:30 Netherlands vs Denmark
16:00 Japan vs Cameroon
20:30 Italy vs Paraguay

Tues, June 15
13:30 New Zealand vs Slovakia
16:00 Ivory Coast vs Portugal
20:30 Brazil vs Korea DPR

Wed, June 16
13:30 Honduras vs Chile
16:00 Spain vs Switzerland
20:30 South Africa vs Uruguay

Thurs, June 17
13:30 France vs Mexico
16:00 Greece vs Nigeria
20:30 Argentina vs Korea Republic

Fri, June 18
13:30 Germany vs Serbia
16:00 Slovenia vs USA
20:30 England vs Algeria

Sat, June 19
13:30 Ghana vs Australia
16:00 Netherlands vs Japan
20:30 Cameroon vs Denmark

Sun, June 20
13:30 Slovakia vs Paraguay
16:00 Italy vs New Zealand
20:30 Brazil vs Ivory Coast

Mon, June 21
13:30 Portugal vs Korea DPR
16:00 Chile vs Switzerland
20:30 Spain vs Honduras

Tues, June 22
16:00 France vs South Africa
16:00 Mexico vs Uruguay
20:30 Nigeria vs Korea Republic
20:30 Greece vs Argentina

Wed, June 23
16:00 USA vs Algeria
16:00 Slovenia vs England
20:30 Ghana vs Germany
20:30 Australia vs Serbia

Thurs, June 24
16:00 Slovakia vs Italy
16:00 Paraguay vs New Zealand
20:30 Denmark vs Japan
20:30 Cameroon vs Netherlands

Fri, June 25
16:00 Portugal vs Brazil
16:00 Korea DPR vs Ivory Coast
20:30 Chile vs Spain
20:30 Switzerland vs Honduras

Sat, June 26
16:00 1A vs 2B
20:30 1C vs 2D

Sun, June 27
16:00 1D vs 2C
20:30 1B vs 2A

Mon, June 28
16:00 1E vs 2F
20:30 1G vs 2H

Tues, June 29
16:00 1F vs 2E
20:30 1H vs 2G

Fri, July 2
16:00 5 vs 7
20:30 1 vs 3

Sat, July 3
16:00 2 vs 4
20:30 6 vs 8

Tues, July 6
20:30 A vs C

Wed, July 7
20:30 B vs D

Sat, July 10
20:30 Loser I vs Loser II

Sun, July 11
20:30 Winner I    vs    Winner II