Two Filmcrews Better Than One

Today we had two seperate filmcrews in the WHISKI Bar filming – yes, we are so getting used to this now ! First off was The Travel Channel US for a new pilot called the Gambler and yes, WHISKI featuring so cant wait to see this when it airs in the USA.

Second and at the same time was Japanese travel channel filming all about Edinburgh and the Festival – WHISKI a highlight so this will be great for us also.

We have many US and Japanese visitors to the bar and they enjoy trying the whiskies and sampling our fresh Scottsih food, with Haggis always a big temptation.

Long may the filming continue, Chris proudly had his kilt on today so hopefully a few clips of him in there – Chris has been in so many TV programmes about the WHISKI bar he is a minor celebrity now !

One Response

  1. A question from me to the japanese crew(and for the Whiski Bar crew too:))..
    what is the connection of this whiskies and Japan?
    Oban,Tobermory,Inchgower,North Port,Macallan,Tullibardine,Aberfeldy

    do you want to the answer?:)

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