Little People, Big World

Little People, Big World

Little People, Big World

US TV series “Little People, Big World” were in the Whiski bar on Friday 10th July 2009, filming the stars of the show, twins Zach & Jeremy in the WHISKI bar trying the Haggis.

Little People, Big World is a reality TV show aired in the US on the Discovery channel that follows the Roloff family where twins Zach and Jeremy are unusual in that one twin Jeremy is normal sized and his brother Zach is a little person just under 4ft tall.

At the WHISKI bar, we dont just serve any old Haggis – no, it has to be the ultimate MacSweens Haggis – a true award winner and we promise you will taste the difference!

Zach and Jeremy certainly enjoyed their visit to WHISKI  and were a pleasure to have – we hope they enjoy the rest of their time in Scotland and look forward to seeing the episode.

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