Oasis chilling in the WHISKI Bar

Oasis at WHISKI

Oasis at WHISKI

Oasis at WHISKI

Oasis at WHISKI

Oasis with a Haggis

Oasis with a Haggis

What a day – Oasis have just left the WHISKI bar and they are playing tomorrow (Wed 17th June 2009) with Kasabian at Murrayfield Stadium and to have a few drinks before the big day – where did they choose – yes, you guessed it – the WHISKI Bar !

Didn’t even notice them for an hour or so and then our manager called to say they were in and from seeing them on TV you think they are pretty cool – well, they were COOL and LOVELY  and CHATTY and BRILLIANT with everyone. It soon became obvious they were there and Liam Gallagher was happy to have his photo taken and sign autographs for all that asked but I am glad to say they were generally left in peace to chillout and have a few beers.

Must be hard being famous and Edinburgh’s Style guru Lavinia Brooks from StyleGuideScotland who has kindly emailed me her photo also, asked him if they were heading anywhere else and they said no they just wanted to chill out at the WHISKI bar as it was “cool” and much better than all the other bars in town ! Well, we can only agree with that Liam !

Liam and Noel – you and all the others in Oasis are welcome back anytime, you were a joy.

See some of the press articles about Oasis in WHISKI

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One Response

  1. So,the Whiski Bar was the “oasis” for the Oasis where they chilled and like a real oasis,the Whiski Bar gave the water of life,uisge beatha for the “caravan”..

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