Ardbeg Whisky Tasting – The Conclusion



ardbeg whisky tasting

ardbeg whisky tasting

Ardbeg Whisky tasting 7th may 2009

Ardbeg Whisky tasting


It was a very special evening when Rachel Barrie, master blender from Glenmorangie hosted the Ardbeg Whisky Tasting on 7th May 2009 at the WHISKI Bar. 25 people attended the tasting which coincided with the launch of Ardbeg Supernova and the line up was outstanding :

Ardbeg 10 Yr Old – the 1st non chill filtered malt in the Ardbeg range

Ardbeg Renaissance – The conclusion of the Very Young, Still Young and Almost There series – Peaty maturity

Ardbeg Blasda – peated to an average of just 8 ppm compared to the more usual 24 ppm. Blasda is perfectly balanced, light, sweet and delicious

Ardbeg Airigh Nam Beist 1990 (” the beatsie”) – creamy smoky flavour with hints of fennel and pine nuts

Ardbeg Uigedail – an earthy whisky with a bit of spice, a marraige of Ardbeg from bourbon barrel a and sherry butt which gives a sweet and smoky finish to this malt at 54.2%

Ardbeg Supernova – peated to an astonishing level of over 100 parts per million (ppm)

So, what was the favourite, well they were all outstanding but the highest marks on the night went to Ardbeg Uigedail – well done.

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