Top Whiskies from Johnnie Walker Whisky Tasting – 29 Jan 2009

Johnnie Walker Whisky Tasting

Johnnie Walker Whisky Tasting

 We had a super night at the WHISKI bar for the Johnnie Walker Whisky tasting and as usual we got the attendees to rate all the Johnnie Walker whiskies that were sampled out of ten. The evening was very informative and our esteemed host and former master blender for Johnnie Walker, Gordon Bell, fondly known as “Master of the Blend” did a spectacular job and kept everyone entertained and we all left with vastly more knowledge on Johnnie Walker at the end of the evening.

Whiskies rated as follows:

Johnnie Walker Blue Label – 1st Place
Johnnie Walker Gold Label – 2nd Place
Johnnie Walker Black Label – 3rd Place
Johnnie Walker Green Label – 4th Place
Johnnie Walker Red Label – 5th Place

This was a fantastic eveing and our next whisky tasting is the ISLAY WHISKY TASTING on Thursday 26th March 2009 so join us if you can for another super evening at the WHISKI Bar.


2 Responses

  1. My headache has only just subsided! Thanks for a great night! Go Blue Label!!

  2. Whisky tasting, that is possibly the best way to spend an evening

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