Ardbeg Whisky Tasting – 7th May 2009

We are so looking forward to our Ardbeg Whisky Tasting on Thursday 7th May 2009. This is Homecoming Scotland’s Whisky Month and also co-incides with the launch of Ardbeg Supernova – their most peated whisky at over 100 parts per million. Their test release of Supernova earlier this year, sold out within hours so this tasting is a great opportunity to “try before you buy”. Hopefully a few of you can make it along – again as normal numbers are limited so booking via the website is recommended and I will have the button on by next week. Here’s a preview of what we will be trying on the night.
More details and booking on the website here

Dates: Thur 7th May 2009

Join us as we work our way through the legendary Ardbeg family of malts.

Ardbeg is a heavy hitter among Islay malts and very peaty and the distillery has been awarded many accolades. Ardbeg Uigeadail has been named World Whisky of the Year in Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible 2009 and their test release of Supernova (peated to over 100 parts per million) completely sold out within days – general release of Supernova is due for May so this tasting gives you an opportunity to “try before you buy”.

Hosted by Davinia Small, Ardbeg’s Brand Ambassador, this evening will be entertaining and informative. Our line up is as follows:

Ardbeg 10
Airigh Nam Beist 1990 (“the beastie”)




Support Your Local Independent Operator (Bar/Restaurant)

Watching Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares a few days ago and I was so pleased to hear him encourage everyone to support their local independent restaurant and this applies to all bars and restaurants. All he said made sense and he was commenting that big chains turn out the same food all over the country and mostly they are ready-meals and if we don’t support our local operators, our choice will diminish and all we will be left with is massive “same as” chains turning out the “same as” food.

He put a local restaurant against the chain restaurants and asked people on the street which food they preferred – I am sure you can guess they liked the different locally sourced food he had the local establishment prepare. I firmly believe in this policy and think we must support local operators of bars and restaurants and indeed our local corner shops vs the big supermarkets or all choice could disappear from our towns and cities !

Yes, there are massive chains selling 99p pints like Weatherspoon bars and Mitchell & Bulters and Punch operated bars that are similar all over the country but if you visit the WHISKI Bar, we guarantee a unique experience in a great buzzing environment with one of Scotland’s best ranges of whisky and the freshest locally sourced food we can get – we do not use frozen ready made food and our food  is made fresh on the premises by our skilled chefs – we know this is not the normal in most bar/restaurants but our customers are worth it and we strive to give the best … give us a visit we always look forward to meeting new people in the bar.

Top Whiskies from Johnnie Walker Whisky Tasting – 29 Jan 2009

Johnnie Walker Whisky Tasting

Johnnie Walker Whisky Tasting

 We had a super night at the WHISKI bar for the Johnnie Walker Whisky tasting and as usual we got the attendees to rate all the Johnnie Walker whiskies that were sampled out of ten. The evening was very informative and our esteemed host and former master blender for Johnnie Walker, Gordon Bell, fondly known as “Master of the Blend” did a spectacular job and kept everyone entertained and we all left with vastly more knowledge on Johnnie Walker at the end of the evening.

Whiskies rated as follows:

Johnnie Walker Blue Label – 1st Place
Johnnie Walker Gold Label – 2nd Place
Johnnie Walker Black Label – 3rd Place
Johnnie Walker Green Label – 4th Place
Johnnie Walker Red Label – 5th Place

This was a fantastic eveing and our next whisky tasting is the ISLAY WHISKY TASTING on Thursday 26th March 2009 so join us if you can for another super evening at the WHISKI Bar.