CLASS BAR AWARDS 2008 – Best UK Specialist Bar

We were so pleased to have been nominated as one of the two best specialist whisky bars in the UK and we dually headed down to London for the awards cermony. We knew the SPECIALIST BAR awards had 4 categories : RUM, VODKA, TEQUILLA and WHISKY – each with two nominations and these awards covered the whole of the UK so we were very pleased to have made the top two whisky bars. However, on the night WHISKY lost out to the TEQUILLA category which won the day – never mind,  there is always next year.

The awards were great, pushing 1000 people were there from all over the country but I would say very London dominated – free cocktails, wine, meal and then dancing into the small hours if you wanted – we headed back close to our hotel after the ceremony as we know how hard it can be getting a taxi after midnight, found a great late night restaurant in Covent Garden and just had a fab time.

Verdict : very pleased with our finalist status and nomination, London break was simply fabulous and vey glad we went !


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