Whisky Fringe 2008

Spent the afternoon at the Whisky Fringe yesterday and had a brilliant time. The church was a truly stunning venue and with all the different whisky stalls, it was like being in a sweetie shop (oh, what to try first, where to go next etc….). I can highly recommend this event to anyone interested in whisky, pay for your ticket and then get samples of whichever whiskies you choose inside the venue. It was very busy and I suspect as this becomes more popular, the venue may have to change.

Tried a few new whiskies that we do not stock in the bar, my personal favourite was the Dalmore King Alexander III, it will be added to our list very soon as it was so delicious and a must have. Another one I tried that was surprising was the Ledaig as it had a nose that was very strange, I just didn’t like it but when the rep from the company was asking ‘what do I think’, I didn’t want to offend and say it smelt awful ! However, when I tasted it, it was just so different to how it smelt and was actually really light and sweet – just goes to show that nosing and tasting are two very different experiences !

Overall Whisky Fringe was a great afternoon and will be a must attend venue for us each year from now on.


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