Disppearing A-Board on Royal Mile !

Yes, two days ago our custom made A-board disappeared from outside the front door fo the WHISKI bar !! Strange you may add, in braod daylight – who would want an A-board with WHISKI’s logo branded on it, not like they can use it anywhere else. We were as you may expect puzzled and annoyed.

Turns out the Council had a CRACKDOWN and confiscated our A board for being 11cms too high aswell as 10 others and stock from outside two other shops !! So when you walk by now our full menu will not be on display.

We are waiting to hear as we will be fined aswell, article in todays Evening News alleges that all businesses were warned verbally and by recorded delivery letter – well, WHISKI was NOT one of them and this is one issue we will be pursuing. It was also placed within our table and chairs area that we have a paid a licence fee to use, directly outside the front door and not as stated on the public footpath. Watch this space …

Read the full articel here

Whiski on Russian TV

On Tuesday we had film crews in again, this time for Russian TV on a programme about comedians in Edinburgh. Good fun as usual and look forwrd to seeing it when it airs. The programme is to be called ‘Thirty Years of Laughing in Edinburgh’. We have our fair share of comedians visiting WHISKI, especially during the festival infact performers of alll kinds abound during this time of year.

Whisky Fringe 2008

Spent the afternoon at the Whisky Fringe yesterday and had a brilliant time. The church was a truly stunning venue and with all the different whisky stalls, it was like being in a sweetie shop (oh, what to try first, where to go next etc….). I can highly recommend this event to anyone interested in whisky, pay for your ticket and then get samples of whichever whiskies you choose inside the venue. It was very busy and I suspect as this becomes more popular, the venue may have to change.

Tried a few new whiskies that we do not stock in the bar, my personal favourite was the Dalmore King Alexander III, it will be added to our list very soon as it was so delicious and a must have. Another one I tried that was surprising was the Ledaig as it had a nose that was very strange, I just didn’t like it but when the rep from the company was asking ‘what do I think’, I didn’t want to offend and say it smelt awful ! However, when I tasted it, it was just so different to how it smelt and was actually really light and sweet – just goes to show that nosing and tasting are two very different experiences !

Overall Whisky Fringe was a great afternoon and will be a must attend venue for us each year from now on.

WHISKI Wednesday’s @ Scottish Food Fortnight

As Scottish Food Fortnight is all about promoting our fabulous food and drink here in Scotland, we have added a new event that will ensure you get to try out both at once!
Scottish Food Fortnight will run from 6th – 21st September 2008 and at WHISKI as always we will have our full Scottish menu on using the very best local Scottish produce. We passionatley support our local suppliers and all of our free range beef comes farms in the Borders of Scotland and all of our fish is scottish, we use the tastiest haggis in the world – MacSween’s of Edinburgh. We firmly believe in cooking all of our food fresh and we don’t use frozen dishes in our menu, we think you can clearly taste the difference and our customers are worth it !

WHISKI WEDNESDAY’s will be on each Wednesday during the Scottish Food Fortnight (10th and 17th September 2008) and with every main meal purchased from 5PM, you will receive a FREE dram of whisky. So on these nights you can try our fresh Scottish food and our national drink, whisky at the same time. We hope to see many of you there and introduce you to the delights of whisky.


Whiski Bar Oil Painting

Whiski Bar Oil Painting

We have commissioned some beautiful OIL on CANVAS paintings for the WHISKI bar.
We have framed 4 of them and hung them in the bar but we have more arriving that will be
UNFRAMED so that they can be framed accordingly to your own individual decor in your home or office. They are available and can be seen in the bar and on our website. We have paintings of the WHISKI Bar, the Tattoo firworks, Brucichladdie whisky distillery and a Highland Cow, all individually painted in Oils and 50 * 50 cms.

Paintings of whisky distilleries is something I want to get more of as many of them are just so picturesque and look really pretty so watch out for new additions in this area.

Come in and have a look,

BARCABEAT FESTIVAL 1 – 31st August 2008

We are hosting the BARCABEAT R&B FESTIVAL during August this year, sponsored by Bulliet Bourbon. The BARCABEAT Festival features NICK JOHNSON & BLUEFINGER. Nick is the face of BLUEFINGER, and we were such big fans of BLUEFINGER when we were students and they are such a well known band with a great loyal following.

They have already played two gigs at the bar and as usual they went down a storm, we are really looking foward to all their gigs this time round as this may be the last chance there is to see BLUEFINGER play live again – why, you may ask? Well,Nick is retiring BLUEFINGER as he lives normally in Spain and all the travelling is getting too much so BLUEFINGER will be no more, we were sad to here this news but wish Nick and Ed all the very best and just glad to have you guys playing at WHISKI and making the place rock, as usual.

Here are all the gigs they will be playing at WHISKI during August and there will be different guests with Nick on many of the nights including other events and promotions such as whisky tastings etc during the whole month of August.

All shows are free and dates and times are below and hope to see you there …





Some photos from TASTE of EDINBURGH 2008

View from WHISKI stand

View from WHISKI stand



WHISKI giving lectures at Food & Whisky School

WHISKI giving lectures at Food & Whisky School

Sorry I have taken so long to update you with our experiences at the TASTE of EDINBURGH, have been very busy lately with lots of things happening all at once. Anyway, the TASTE was a great experience for us and we met loads of great people. We gave away over 5,000 samples of whisky and our whisky cocktails (little tasters) and they were going down a real treat with everyone who tried them. Our whisky espresso seemed to be the most popular. We ran a series of lectures at the FOOD & WHISKY School on whisky and food and whisky matching so to anyone who attended, see you in the whisky bar some time soon. A big thanks to the guys who slogged away getting the bar ready, I think it looked really great and everyone enjoyed themselves and had a fab time.