Johnnie Walker BLUE Label

Johnnie Walker BLUE LabelAtleast once a month we have training and tasting sessions for the staff at WHISKI and last wekk saw them off to Diageo’s offices for a training session followed by a boys night out (yes, that ruled me out then, huh !) and although they had a great time with all the whiskies, one of our new additions Johnnie Walker BLUE label has came out the shining star following their visit.

We just added this to our list last week so none of the staff had tasted it but whilst they were with the brand ambassadors at Diageo, they were taught a secret to fully appreciating this amazing whisky and the comments have ranged from

“Outstanding”, “the most amazing sensation ever “, “delicious”, “strange and bizarre”, ” the whisky was floating around the top of my mouth as if by magic”, “the best ever ”  etc etc etc …

so all in all, Johnnie Walker BLUE is a star and even our Single Malt Maniac (yes, you know who you are!) who previously only was interested in single malts is converted and a massive fan so get along to the WHISKI bar and no doubt they will pass the secret of tasting Johnnie Walker BLUE Label on to you.

Extensive Whisky List

Well today the shelves are being cleared and over 80 new whiskies are being added to our already extensive malt whisky selection. We now have over 200 Single Malt Whiskies so I am certain we will have one that you like … Our full range including blends exceeds 250 choices so there is not much space left on the gantry and boy, does it look good !

Come on down to WHISKI, we would love to know what you think of our new selection of whisky and if you have any other receommendations we are always keen to hear them and we are always adding to our whisky list.

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