Burns Night & Zane Lamprey in Three Sheets

What a week this has been, last Friday on Burns Night we had Zane Lamprey from the American MOJO HD, Three Sheets series filming in the bar ! This is the second time we have the camera crews in the bar as in September 2007, we were filmed for the NEXT Christmas commercial – it was a  blast and so was it was again this time, we are getting quite used to it now !!

The MOJO HD Three Sheets series is on http://www.mojohd.com/mojoseries/threesheets/ and features comedian Zane Lamprey on a worldwide tour of drinking traditions and customs. In Scotland, Burns Night is a very special celebration involving recitals of his poems, our national dish “Haggis” and unsurprisingly WHISKY, of which we had plenty to choose from.  The bagpipes were playing, the haggis was going down well as were the whiskies and we can’t wait to see the series when it goes live in April. Check back and we will put footage on the main website, www.whiskibar.co.uk .


4 Responses

  1. OK – have had the first customers into the bar after seeing the Scotland episode of Three Sheets in Season 3 andf this is the link


    but we haven’t seen it yet – arghhhhh !
    I have tried to play it but it won’t stream because we are not based in the US, I ma trying though as can’t wait to see it.

  2. Scotland – Three Sheets – Season 3 : Ep. 9|23:59|
    Zane travels to Edinburgh where he dresses in a kilt. He sips a dram from a $10,000 bottle of whisky and learns the nuances of scotch by a sword welding man (also in a kilt).

  3. Thanks for the link but keeps saying can only be viewed from within the USA. We can’t see it here as obviously knows from the IP Address that we are not in the USA.

    I have got the CD of it now but when I convert it to run on the internet, I lose all the sound !! I will keep trying however…

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